A new report has found 37 per cent of chopstick twirls by people eating natto are redundant and serve no practical purpose.

“Nearly two in five twirls of the chopstick have been identified as ‘completely uncalled for’,” the report stated.

“On average it takes around two to three twirls of the chopstick to securely capture any renegade strings of fermentation, however a natto-eater will rarely stop at three.”

Subjects who were told about their excessive twirling struggled to roll back the amount of twirls per natto eating session.

“These people suffered from denial and continued to rotate their chopsticks at the same rate.”

Researchers concluded that the average natto-eater will twist and rotate their chopsticks during a natto meal as a way of saying to others in the near vicinity: “Hey, look at me. I’m a natto-eater. I’m highly experienced in the art of eating natto – you can tell by the velocity at which I’m moving my chopsticks through the air”.

Image: JDBaskin


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