A new report published in Japan this week claims at least 90 per cent of Japanese salarymen have a closer relationship with train side seat panels than their wives.

“We found an alarming number of businessmen cheating on their wives with often two or more panels on the side,” said lead researcher Ryunosuke Hiraku.

The study suggested a prominent fantasy culture in Japan – rife amongst adult males – was contributing to the rapidly ageing society.

“Almost half of all salarymen in Japan fantasize about getting with a side seat panel after a long day’s work,” said Hiraku.

“If you asked the average Japanese male who would they rather sleep next to, their wives or a side seat panel, the answer would almost always be the side seat panel.”



  1. One of worlds most adorable women are their wifes. And they would prefer to sleeping asside some plastic and metal? That confuses me.

  2. This article is scandalous! it doesn’t even mention the few people cheating, preferring sleeping on the floor


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