A significant proportion of gaijin seen on the Internet are within the vicinity of a massive yellow and black pumpkin, according to a study published in Japan on Tuesday.

Currently, 17 per cent of foreigners who have visited or lived in Japan are pictured on Facebook in front of a pumpkin.

The decision to update a profile picture to include a giant pumpkin is often a necessary means of projecting evidence of having a greater, more wholesome experience in Japan.

“I make no apologies for getting out and about during my time in Japan,” said one foreigner interviewed for the study.

“My boyfriend and I traveled from Tokyo via a bullet train to Okayama, and then took a local train to Uno Port, and then finally a ferry to Naoshima Island – after a 6-hour journey we were finally ready to get some positive feedback on social media for standing in front of a pumpkin.”

Image: Flickr/YasuhiroS



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