43% of AKB48 Dolls in Abusive R'ship

A national research study has concluded that forty-three per cent of all AKB48 dolls are trapped in a dangerous abusive relationship.

Experts are warning these dolls to seek help immediately if their proprietors show any sign of aggressive or violent behaviour.

Kenji Yamamoto has been intimately involved with an AKB48 doll for over five years.

Kenji claims to love his doll but has stabbed her with a steak knife in the back, torso, and neck more than seventy times over the past couple of years.

“These men have probably never touched an actual female, apart from their mothers, and may snap at any moment,” said one counsellor.

“They may serenade their dolls with candlelight dinners and prepare baths scattered with rose petals – but they can spontaneously attack with hack saws or any type of sharp kitchen utensil.”


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