A recent study has found hate comments posted on gaijin blogs reach a peak during the unbearably hot month of August.

Researchers scoured over 300,000 mostly dormant gaijin blogs to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the rate of hate comments on every “gai-blog” per month.

The study found that hate comments per gai-blog peaked at 68 comments for the month of August with researchers concluding that foreigners sought relief from the heat by posting ruthless commentary on random gaijin blog articles.

“We also found a higher rate of death threats through the summer months but the quality of the articulation of these threats diminished as temperatures rose,” according to the research.

The study also found that many hate comments could not simply be attributable to the summer heat with around 41.6 per cent having some merit.

The research hypothesized that a lack of decent air-conditioning units was a primary cause of the rise in hate.

“Many gaijin renting on a minimum English conversation school wage can’t afford to purchase new air-conditioners – they are often subjected to the poor quality air-conditioning system that comes with the apartment,” according to the research.

There were some costs associated with the collection of data with one researcher reading over 700 gaijin blog posts in their examination of the validity of hate.

Some researchers are currently suffering severe side effects in the form of stereotyping everything they experience in their daily Japan lives and attempting to rank any sort of category into top 10 lists.



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