A disturbing karaoke report released Sunday has found one individual out of the whole group sings an average of 19% more songs than is socially acceptable.

The study also revealed a positive correlation between group size and the average song frequency of a single karaoke partygoer. This individual, generally known as the ‘Mic Hog’, will excessively belt out a tune at the expense of other more considerate participants. The Mic Hog will often feel they can avoid detection especially if the party group has opted for the all-you-can-drink (nomihodai) plan.

“Last night at a 5-person karaoke session I tried to enter a song and there was already 13 songs listed – I knew immediately who was responsible,” one karaoke partygoer said who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Mic Hog exhibits a decent vocal range, however has a less than impressive voice and is habitually overconfident in their own singing abilities.

The study found that the Mic Hog’s excessive song entries, with blatant disregard to the unwritten karaoke rules, gives them the required practice to fine tune their vocals from bad to mediocre.

The Mic Hog is readily discernable, often standing while singing and closing their eyes at emotional points in a song.


Image: Yee


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