A ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker highlighted the consequences of giving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community equal rights in an article in the latest issue of conservative magazine Shincho 45, warning how allowing same-sex marriage will result in widespread marital engagements between man and pet.

Junior lawmaker Mio Sugita told reporters, “Mogs (half man, half dogs) have no place in Japanese society ­– they are their own best friends.”

She went on to say the mog, or ninken (人犬) in Japanese, will also lead to a rise in “half man, half cats and half man, half hamsters.”

“This isn’t a society I want to live in, where you have little mats and mamsters running around all over the place,” says Sugita.

Sugita claims the LGBT community is not discriminated against in Japan “because you can see them on TV for a laugh”.

“I know I get a real kick out of seeing a man wear makeup and a dress on TV.”

She says too much LGBT equality is a “slippery slope, we don’t want our men marrying their anime girlfriends and sex dolls, they’re already pathetic enough as it is.”

When asked if she thought she was more productive than the gay and lesbian community, Sugita said she’s most productive after she has “had a few”.

Image: Youtube/Sakurasotv