The Supreme Court said Wednesday television owners who haven’t paid their NHK fees can be legally beaten with a baseball bat by Domo-kun.

The ruling was handed down in a lawsuit filed by NHK against a man who refused to respond to NHK’s request to pay fees in 2011.

The court ordered the man to pay ¥200,000 in broadcast receiving fees and has been told by NHK that he “may or may not” be receiving a visit from Domo-kun if he hasn’t paid in full by next Monday.

“Domo-kun ain’t f***ing around anymore,” said chief judge Harawanaito Kega.

“We’ve now given the green light for NHK to release him onto the general public with a titanium baseball bat.”

Since Wednesday’s ruling many gaijin have been seen dumping their television sets on top of konbini garbage bins.

Images: Flickr/Tanaka_Juuyoh, PicturesCafe




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