TOKYO – Several eyewitnesses have reported a suspicious object discovered in a small park in central Tokyo on Thursday morning, according to local sources.

Investigators found a cylindrical cage-like box “with a hole in the top of it”, and some kind of miscellaneous packages inside.

“I started to panic, I’d never seen anything like this before in a public place,” said one eyewitness who has chosen to remain anonymous.

“I quickly gathered up my children and the rest of my trash and hurried home.”

There have been reported sightings of similar strange objects in Japan in the past, but these have been predominantly inside train stations, and therefore technically not in a public area.

“The officers should be commended for their swift action in removing the object safely and restoring peace to this beautiful grey stone park,” Tokyo Police Chief Masayuki Otani told reporters while clutching an ice-cream wrapper he’d been holding onto since earlier in the morning.




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