A blonde Swedish man flaunting his ripped abs on NHK’s workout program “Minna de Kinniku Taiso” is making the rest of us look bad.

Swedish-born Jakob Sebastian Björk became an apprentice gardener in traditional Japanese gardening in Aichi Prefecture in 2011. The Japanese master who took Björk under his wing gave him the name “Tatsumasa Murasame”, a title he now proudly goes by after becoming a naturalised Japanese.

“For the first six months, all I did was clean my gardening utensils – and learn how to catch flies with chopsticks,” Björk tells The Rising Wasabi.

The English and Swedish language teacher turned topless landscaper talent has now raised the bar for white foreigners across the nation.

“How can I live up to these impossible expectations?” asks 41-year-old American Roger Robinson.

“Girls were still attracted to a balding white guy with a beer gut before this guy came along, thanks very much Björk.”

Björk is now a social media sensation and often posts photos of his “gorgeous bod” and his pet cats.

“The guy even loves cats, how can we compete with this?” asks another gaijin.

Bjork currently looks after three cats and twenty-seven girlfriends.

Image: Instagram/murasame