A new study has found syphilis is rapidly multiplying and having more sexual encounters than the general population.

The government report says syphilis in Japan has more than doubled from Jan. 1 to early December 2016, with young syphili having a lot more fun than the average youth.

“While syphilis is out and about getting amongst it, Japanese humans are largely refraining from any skin-on-skin contact,” says lead researcher Go Nakamura.

Researchers concluded that the syphilis virus has mutated into a more frivolous strain due to a sharp rise in foreign tourists over the past few years.

“We are now observing individual syphili attempting to attract the opposite sex through free English lessons,” says Nakamura.

“A phenomenon not seen before in this country.”

Researchers say this more aggressive strain of syphilis is closely related to the yellow fever virus.

Image: Pakutaso


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