A talent appearing regularly on Japanese television is consistently showing none.

The 27-year-old keeps her job by acting mentally deficient and being born to one parent of a different nationality.

“I love it how she speaks like a stupid foreigner even though she’s been living in Japan since birth,” says 48-year-old housewife Mai Kaidamasu.

“I’m pretty confident this one actually is really stupid – it’s fantastic.”

The talent was discovered in Harajuku by talent scouts when she was 14, when she fortunately turned left instead of right off Takeshita Street because down the right alley was a group of your more common type of “scouts”.

The 27-year-old will soon appear on quiz shows intentionally answering all of the questions wrong until the end of the program where she will inspirationally answer one correctly and send the studio audience into a wild frenzy.

After 5 years, she’ll admit she was just pretending to be stupid and start talking like a normal person.


  1. Japanese TV is the biggest pantomime ever.All those Z list celebrities over act in order to keep their low paying jobs.Any moron who watches TV deserves to be dumbed down.

  2. After 40 years in Japan, a bright red passport and a name change to Moriike, my Japanese colleague was kind enough to tell me that 『gaijin 』really love the Japanese penis festival and he’d be delighted to take me to the festival and be my interpreter, just in case I couldn’t manage by myself. I knew how he felt. I frequently felt a genuine need to give English lessons to 1st generation Japanese-Americans in L.A.


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