Craig Moore presents key money with power ballad

Craig Moore has presented two months worth of rent in key money to his landlord while strumming a power ballad expressing the extent of his gratitude.

The landlord and his wife remained inside their 138 square-meter Omotesando house during the performance occasionally peeping through the curtains to check to see if Moore was still there.

The gutsy hyper-emotional power ballad was an original composition written by Moore himself entitled, “I’m Not Worthy of Your Land Desu”.

I’m Not Worthy of Your Land DesuMoore reached the third verse before a note could be seen slipping out from under the front door that read, “Please leave the money in the letter box”.

“Two months rent just doesn’t feel like it’s enough, at least I was able to communicate some of my gratitude through the gift of song,” said Moore.



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