Former TEPCO executives who oversaw the meltdown of three nuclear reactors are still yet to be arrested despite receiving data that anticipated a tsunami of more than 10 metres in height that could cause a power outage and other serious consequences.

A government panel report outlined how if these men were not Japanese they would have been arrested for allegedly ignoring an internal study in 2008 concluding that a wave of up to 15.7 meters could hit the plant if a magnitude 8.3 quake occurred.

“They would have been arrested if they had a name like Carlos,” according to the report.

Instead, the public is now subsidizing a US$3.3 million fine handed down to the corporation.

The government acknowledged for the first time in September this year that a worker at the Fukushima nuclear power plant died from radiation exposure, but this also wasn’t enough to trigger any arrests.

Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn, however, was arrested last week on the suspicion of understating his salary to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Image: AFP