Two Gaijin Fight For Local Municipality Dominance

A territorial standoff between two gaijin broke out into a bloody battle yesterday in Meguro 3-Chome.

The battle lasted around three minutes with the victor claiming local ward rights and the loser, bloodied and beaten, having to find a new apartment in a different municipality.

The larger Meguro 3-Chome gaijin had been scent marking its territory for the past couple of months but this failed to prevent the physical clash.

Male gaijin are known for displaying ritualised aggression to intimidate other gaijin from entering their territory such as body posturing and loud vocalizations.

Experts say the existence of some choice females in the area may have been the determining factor in triggering the fight.

“The male gaijin is especially sensitive to other gaijin getting near any female they know exists,” says Professor Taki Yamada of Tokyo University.

“Except for other female gaijin, they usually take no notice of the female gaijin species.”


  1. We female gaijin always laugh and snicker at worst quality gaijin men that come to Japan! We love to tell all the local women what losers they are back home!

    • And why is that? Does it make you feel less lonely and bitter when you do? I mean, there are plenty of low quality gaijin women that come over, but I don’t need to take time and trash talk them. I’m much too busy going out with attractive Japanese women. 🙂

    • Lol you speak as though you know every foreign male personally. I am sure you enjoy being the topic of foreign male discussions regarding how loser like you may be also. 🙂

  2. I’ve learned that “gaijin” is actually a very offensive word. Literally, it means equal to an alien. Hope more people use “gaikokuzin” to describe a foreigner.

    • Dude it’s all about perspective I personally don’t take offense to gaijin and i use it, unless someone is trying to be offensive when using it. Gaijin means outside person gaikokujin means person from outside country, not much difference to me. I mean look at the English equivalent foreigner or alien they also mean someone that is from outside so….

  3. Carla Johnson, as a male gaijin myself, and as much as i hate to admit it, but never a truer word spoken.


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