Approximately 15 seconds of a gaijin’s life was snuffed out in Osaka today while a local man attempted to exhume an English word buried deep within his temporal lobe.

“My lifespan in real terms just diminished by a good quarter of a minute,” thought Chris Giles after around 15 seconds passed away before his very eyes.

Giles says he would have chimed up and said the word in Japanese but it was the first word of the sentence and he had no idea what the guy was trying to say.

“This whole tragedy could have been avoided if I just had a hint of context,” said Giles.

“Those seconds were just too young to die.”

The local guy hadn’t verbalized the English word since his first year of high school during dictation, but strongly felt as if the time was right to give it a crack.

“There was a gaijin in front of me, and I thought hey, now or never Shinji,” Shinji Yamato thought before speaking out aloud.

“…………………………………….. You… isogashii ne,” Yamato said.

Image: Pakutaso


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