Citizens of Tokyo are mostly in favor of having single-race carriages on public transport, according to a poll in five of Tokyo’s biggest hubs, despite the foreigner-only carriage facing growing criticism.

The carriages were introduced to reduce criminal activity on trains and ease the menace of overconfident loud noises.

However, some commuters are complaining that the overall noise pollution has increased now foreigners are assembling in groups.

“I can hear the gaijin carriage from like four carriages away,” says 42-year-old salaryman Yukihiro Onaga.

Facilitating the congregation of foreigners, or creating a “gaggle of gaijin”, has also increased the likelihood of the plotting of misdemeanors and conspiracies to commit crimes in Japanese society, according to local sources.

“At least I haven’t seen anyone blow their nose, that’s just disgusting. Why can’t they just sniff loudly for the entire length of their train trip?” says Onaga.