Thousands of Tokyo residents scrambled for cover on Monday in the Japanese capital’s first ever snow attack since last winter.

Media outlets warned citizens that trains may be delayed up to a full seven minutes.

“OMG! The trains may be delayed by up to a full 7 minutes! #Snowmageddon!” tweeted 21-year-old commuter Hiza Madamieru.

“I’m just praying to the sweet lords that my smartphone doesn’t run out of battery.”

Madamieru’s world came crashing to an end when her smartphone battery passed away between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations.

Image: AFP


  1. It was horrific. I checked google maps around 6:30pm and there was blood everywhere. Blood red traffic stops all over the map of the Kanto kinda plain. Not just the bright red stuff either. I’m talking the dark dark red that indicates people where stuck dead in their cars force to watch tv shows about people eating food. The shear horror!!!!

  2. Yesterday… sorry, I need to take a moment to compose myself… yesterday I saw people actually crossing empty streets while the light was still red. Such reckless abandon of anzen anshin.


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