A new area to open at Tokyo Disneyland in 2022 will be named “Fantasy Nation”, operator Oriental Land Co. said Thursday.

The democratically themed area will mainly feature female characters that have equal rights.

Four new attractions will be built based on globally popular egalitarian notions. Two will feature “female CEOs” while the others will highlight “women-with-sufficient-access-to-reasonably-priced-childcare” and “men-who-work-9-to-5”.

The “Female Boss Adventure Ride” will showcase several fantasy women with at least one subordinate each.

The “Childcare Armchair” attraction will give mothers the opportunity to experience what its like to not have to look after their own children for a short period of time with professional child minders imported from overseas caring for the kids for five minutes while their mother watches TV in an armchair.

“We are extremely excited to be adding magic to this world of fantasy and wonder. I can’t wait to see these new magical worlds come to life,” Oriental Land CEO Toshio Kagumi told reporters.

Approximately ¥250 billion will be invested in the construction, which is comparable to the amount of yen it would cost the government to build an appropriate number of childcare facilities across the country.

Image: Disney