Tokyo has viciously responded to Fukushima’s series of endless natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes with the solidification of water drops falling from the sky.

The unleashing of billions of small ice particles has resulted in the population around the greater Tokyo region feeling slightly colder than this time last year.

“First, a pending nuclear apocalypse in Fukushima threatening to wipe out North Eastern Japan, and now this!” said one Tokyo resident.

“My poor brother was forced to walk a little bit slower to work in fear of falling over and making his knees somewhat moist.”

This is the first time snow has fallen in November in Japan’s capital in 54 years, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency. Incredibly, November is one month before December, and two months before January.

“I don’t know if the people of Tohoku really know what it’s like to stare right down the barrel of a gently wafting snow flake gradually making its way to land.”

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Image: Flickr/Fukapon


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