The chief executive of next year’s Tokyo Olympics has reminded potential visitors to Japan that “weed is a drug” while smoking a dart.

Toshiro Muto of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee said at a news conference on Tuesday one member of the executive board is very concerned about drugs – except for tobacco and alcohol.

The concerned member smokes at least one packet of cigarettes a day – sometimes in family restaurants alongside children.

“The comment from the member is that it’s important that we inform all foreign participants to get into smokes rather than doobies,” said Muto.

“Cigarettes are much better for your health because they only have nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, ammonia, acetone, toluene, methylamine, pesticides, polonium 210 and methanol in them.”

Muto told reporters if foreigners can’t get addicted to cigarettes then they should “have an Asahi Super Dry”.

Image: AP