Japan Begins Unwrapping Tomatoes For ‘Tokyo Eco Olympics’

Japan has commenced unwrapping individually packaged tomatoes in preparation for the promotion of itself being “very eco”. “It’s going to...

2020 Olympic Medals To Be Awarded With Small Plastic Bags

Tokyo 2020 medals made from recycled consumer devices will be presented to winning athletes with small plastic bags. The environmental...

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Female Volunteers To Receive “Nation’s First” Equal Pay

For the first time in Japan’s history, females voluntarily working at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will receive equal pay. “This is a great moment in...

Japan To Wrap Olympic Tickets In Plastic

The Japanese government said Monday it will send out Tokyo Olympic tickets in wraps of plastic to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Tokyo Olympic CEO Reminds Visitors “Cannabis Is A Drug” While Smoking A Cigarette

The chief executive of next year's Tokyo Olympics has reminded potential visitors to Japan that “weed is a drug” while smoking a dart.

Japan To Ban Practice Golf Swings In Public Ahead Of Tokyo Olympics

Japan has announced plans to prohibit practice golf swings in public across the nation by the end of August in the lead up...

Democracy Protests Spread To Japan After Kumamon Cops Olympic Committee Discrimination

Democracy protests in Asia have spread to Japan on Sunday with thousands of mascots marching through the streets of Tokyo.

Japan Completes Construction Of Olympic Venues 2 Years Ahead Of Schedule

The Japan Sports Council gave a progress report on the new National Stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Thursday, saying the project is...

Tokyo 2020 Olympics To Coincide With ‘Atsui Ne’ Yearly Peak

Tokyo Olympic organizers have today realized the 2020 Olympic Games will coincide with the nation’s “Atsui ne” yearly peak.

Olympics Minister Cancer Scare “Threatens Gold Medals”

Japan's Olympics minister has expressed concern over a cancer diagnosis “threatening to diminish the success of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo”.