Tom Hanks who arrived in Tokyo on the weekend says he felt a sudden urge to start a blog about his inner-thoughts about Japan after only being in the country a few days.

Hanks has now started the blog “Gaijin in Japan” with the intention of setting up an important platform where foreigners can discuss important issues surrounding Tom Hanks visiting Japan.

“For my first post I’m thinking about writing the top 10 ways you shouldn’t use chopsticks,” said Hanks.

Hanks has taken some memorable videos of himself relevant only to Tom Hanks but is thinking of uploading them to YouTube and starting a gaijin YouTube channel.

“I think it’s imperative that people see the real Tom and hear my every inner-thought of what I had for breakfast this morning so people can have a meaningful discussion about every detail of my life,” said Hanks.

“I’ve already started taking some notes for my next couple of posts: ‘The 10 Types of Gaijin in Japan’ and ‘Japanese People Should Stop Generalizing Foreigners’.”


Hanks was forced to land his private jet onto Sumidagawa river

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Hanks, however, with his flight having some engine troubles coming into Tokyo on the weekend. The 60-year-old was forced to take over control of his private jet and land it safely on Sumidagawa River.

Images: Nakashima, De Palma, Twitter (TomHanks)



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