Tourist grateful for extra salt at sumo tournament

A tourist seeing his first sumo tournament in Tokyo this week was grateful to catch some flying salt on his hot chips after being denied extra salt at the cafeteria.

“I’m sorry we can’t offer additional salt – it’s not on the menu and this would clearly violate company protocol,” the cafeteria staff member told the tourist.

Peter Lawrence was later relieved to discover sumo wrestlers threw salt in random directions just prior to their bouts.

“When I saw the sumo in the massive blue square g-string walking in my general direction I got myself ready to catch some salt on my mostly saltless chips,” said Lawrence.

Lawrence was fortunate that the salt flew as far as the second row.

“I just closed my eyes, lifted up my bucket of chips with two hands, and hoped for the best,” said Lawrence.

The attempt to catch the flying salt was largely a success with Lawrence increasing the saltiness of his chips by at least sixty per cent.


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