A tourist that carved into a bamboo tree in Kyoto’s Arashiyama bamboo forest was arrested on Wednesday for indiscriminately engraving strokes in the wrong sequence.

Manager of the bamboo forest, Mr Takayuki Suzuki, told reporters “it’s terrible what he’s done to that beautiful kanji”.

“It’s clearly not the work of a local, look at that mishmash of strokes,” said Suzuki.

Suzuki said he was “past the stage of anger and is now feeling deep sorrow”.

“That kanji was once a nice symmetrical thing of beauty, now look at it,” he said.

Bamboo trees with carvings done in the wrong stroke order have been commissioned to be chopped down in chronological order.


  1. Please help me find my interview about this issue on may 22, 2018 when i was with my husband in arashiyama. We talk about this vandalism.. iam searching for the video. Also i have a photo for proof 🙂


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