Foreign tourists in Kyoto are being reminded of etiquette via their smartphones, such as taking pictures of girls hired for private entertainment, also known as “geisha”.

“It’s disgusting, can’t they let these girls serve their rich masters in peace,” says Kyoto mayor Onatsukai Dentou.

“If they were using hidden cameras, then that would be a different story.”

The informing-foreigners-of-proper-manners campaign, which will continue until December 8, was launched by the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry in cooperation with the Kyoto city government after local residents complained about foreigners not obeying local proverbs.

“When in Japan, don’t do as the Japanese do, do as the Japanese say,” says 57-year-old local rich man Aima Aso.

Foreign tourists will also be informed of their amazing chopstick skills via smartphone to soften the overall message.

Image: Pixa