A commuter waiting at Kitasenju Station today has been completely overshot by his intended mode of transport.

Justin Vickery decided to put his faith in a salaryman standing at the very far end of the platform, which ultimately resulted in an impromptu 50-meter sprint.

Vickery made the assessment that it was doubtful someone traveling on the same train everyday for 36 years could be wrong.

“Oh no, there it goes,” Vickery thought as the train flew past.

Vickery started running for the train without a single thought for the welfare of his unwarmed up hamstrings.

“I trusted you random salaryman,” Vickery shouted as he made a dash for the last carriage.

After living in Japan for five-and-a-half years, Vickery still has no idea what 両編成 actually means.


  1. Hahaha this so happened to me when I moved to Tokyo! And it happened at Kita-senju as well! Lesson learned. Never default to thinking random strangers are waiting for the same train as you and always listen to the announcements/be aware of how many cars the train has.


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