Trains throughout Japan have reached this year’s ‘Atsui ne’ peak, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

“With temperatures plummeting to record lows for this time of the year, public transportation heaters have been cranked up another notch or two,” says Japan Meteorological Agency meteorologist Uwagi Nuganai.

“The difference in temperatures inside train cars compared to outside hit around 26 degrees Celsius at 7:09 a.m.”

Despite the outrageous levels of warmth the vast majority of commuters have refused to remove any hats, jackets, or scarves.

“I’m so goddamn atsui ne in here,” said 28-year-old gaijin commuter Simon Moore.

At one point Moore was forced to press his hand up against a door window to maintain his balance inadvertently recreating a scene from Titanic.

Image: Flickr/exalthim (edited TRW)


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