President-elect Donald Trump has spent all day finalizing a business deal with Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son providing sufficient identification and listening to an extraordinarily long list of contract terms and conditions.

Trump secured the contract with Son, in which Softbank will invest $50 billion in the US and bring 50,000 jobs, before realizing he would have to go and retrieve more ID and sit through hours of legal fine print explanations.

“After term and condition number 4, I just kept nodding my head,” Trump told reporters.

During the meeting Trump was asked if he had a hanko stamp, and it was at this point he began to regret starting the contract process.

“Do I look like I own a hanko? Of course I’m going to sign. This is some bullshit,” Trump tweeted during the meeting.

Despite spending most of the day with Son, Trump was still unable to ascertain why an African American has a white dog for a father.

Image: Flickr/Miki Uchida, Takapprs_flickr (edited TRW)


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