A 32-year-old lunch-goer has quickly devoured two pieces of meat today after receiving his bowl of ramen.

James Lockie thought about how it might be nice to have a bit of meat left over towards the back end of his ramen meal as a chewed through his first piece of meat, however, failed to gaman.

There was no meat to be spoken of by the time Lockie started tucking in to his noodles.

“I don’t think I’d even eaten one noodle and all my meat was gone,” said Lockie.

Lockie tried to reassure himself by focusing on the fact he still had half an egg and three pieces of seaweed remaining.

Image: Flickr/kaeru


  1. The OCD in me always comes out when I eat ramen. You can’t eat all the fun bits first, because then you’re left with a bowl of boring noodles. But you can’t eat the noodles first because then you end up in the opposite situation. Eating the fun bits consecutively doesn’t work either – it has to be done like egg – noodles – meat – noodles – miscellaneous vegetable 1 – … (preferably dividing stuff into smaller mouthfuls to make them last).


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