A staunch defender of the effectiveness of the hangover drink “Ukon No Chikara” has shifted their expectations this morning of “The Power Of Turmeric” to vomit frequency reduction.

“I’m now confident that the ukon I drank will decrease my time spent using the porcelain to support my weight,” said the devout believer of the hangover drink.

“If I hadn’t drunk the ukon I would have been graffiti bombing the toilet a whole lot more.”

Ukon No Chikara is extracted from the “root of the turmeric”, which contains a load of curcumin – the active marketing ingredient in convincing people that they feel better off than they actually do.

“I love curcumin,” said one Ukon No Chikara user, “Of course it was the curcumin that reduced my hangover last week from raging nausea to mild comatose”.

“It couldn’t have been because I ate more, was better hydrated, or that my mind is powerful.”

Image: Flickr/Morgan (edited by TRW)


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