At least one friendship at the naked 'hadaka' festival is now in doubt

The future of at least one friendship is now uncertain after an abnormally long eye-contact exchange between two participants at last weekend’s naked festival in Okayama Prefecture.

Yusuke Hamada (27) was enjoying hurling water about indiscriminately when he looked across the naked mosh and inadvertently made eye contact with a work mate.

“It was an unusually long eye contact exchange lasting at least two seconds – which if you think about, is a lot of time in real terms, especially if you’re naked,” said Hamada.

“And he was already staring at me when I looked over at him.”

Hamada says he opened his eyes wider while lifting his eyebrows to initiate some kind of reaction but his work mate just kept staring calmly with bucket in hand before suddenly turning away.

“Maybe it was a coincidence, but after that I felt weird every time a bit of water from his bucket splashed onto my back,” said Hamada.

“I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I actually felt more comfortable copping a load from the overweight ojisan in our group.”


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