Vagina Artist Megumi Igarashi Fined ‎¥400,000

A Japanese court has charged ‘vagina artist’ Megumi Igarashi ‎¥400,000 for distributing digital data of her genitals, with the judge recommending the funds be used to upgrade giant phalluses paraded in fertility festivals across the country.

“This ruling will deter other females from showing off their shameful private belongings and at the same time improve the visual aesthetics of fertility festivals nationwide – for too long have we seen the same giant phalluses with unrealistic pink or wooden complexions being paraded around Kawasaki and Komaki,” Judge Matsuhiko told the court.

The judge proposed upgrading the giant phalluses with more lifelike skin colors.

“In this critical time of population decline the sacred giant phallus should be a true representation of the people,” said Judge Matsuhiko

Fertility festival organizers have suggested including giant pixelated floats to attract more men to the parades.


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