A gaijin vet has informed a newbie gaijin on Saturday afternoon about how he used to be one of the sickest dudes in the greater Edo region.

“Mate, I was like the only gaijin around for at least a 25-mile radius, making me the maddest c*** within at least a 25-mile radius,” said gaijin vet Arthur Coleman. 

“All I had to do was walk out the front of my wooden townhouse and I’d get laid.”

Coleman proceeded to indulge the newbie gaijin with some incredible stories of courtship, despite having zero experience with the opposite sex in his home country.

“I have never even so much as touched a white bird, let alone slept with one,” said Coleman.

Girljins started to become invisible to Coleman from around the beginning of the Meiji Restoration period.

Image: Flickr/AdamJones


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