Vitamin Discovered: McDonald’s Hit By Another Food Scandal

Another foreign object has been discovered embedded within a McDonald’s food item – this time a single vitamin.

The vitamin was found inside a cheeseburger in a store in Osaka and threatens to associate the company with an unacceptable level of nourishment.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said the company will perform rigorous back checks to ensure no more vitamins creep into the final burger product.

“We will enhance the monitoring of our food supply chain going forward, and we are committed to eradicating any traces of nutritional substances including essential vitamins for life,” the McDonald’s spokeswoman said at a press conference.

McDonald’s Japan has suffered heavy falls in revenue in recent years but company heads believe they can still convince the population through relentless marketing campaigns – preferably from a very young age – that they are still lovin’ it.

The fast food chain has reacted to this latest publicity setback by offering a free chicken nugget with any cheeseburger purchase, with the added guarantee of containing less than one per cent real chicken flesh.

Previous scandals have included discoveries of strips of vinyl, human teeth, metal, and plastic shards, but this latest finding of a natural vitamin is likely to wreak havoc on sales.


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