Voice of Gaijin: Foreigners Being Offended by the Term ‘Gaijin’

Many foreigners are offended by the term ‘gaijin’ – a deeply offensive way of saying ‘gaikokujin’ (foreigner) under the guise of abbreviation. What are your gaijin thoughts?

voice of gaijin 3


  1. so stupid … when you come in Japan, you know about this… i dont care, im a gaijin, you are one too… maybe depend where you live, in Osaka, a gaijin is a gaijin, no problem with this.

  2. I used to teach English in Italy, and one of my fellow teachers used to live and teach in Japan, and he’s also married to a Japanese woman. Once we were talking, and I said something like “they saw you just as a gaijin then”, and hell, he got super cold, and corrected me with “GaiKOKUjin, if you may, I never let anyone call me a gaijin in Japan”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it ridiculous

    • Was the Japanese wife surprised to be considered ‘gaijin’ in Italy?
      “B-b-but you are all gaijin. I’m Japanese.”


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