A fresh off the plane gaijin is presently employing the services of the term ‘watashi’ for most sentences.

“Watashi wa Barry desu. Watashi wa nihon ga dai suki desu,” says 3-weeks-a-gaijin Barry Butler.

“Watashi wa watashi no manga ga suki desu.”

The term ‘watashi’ is the one constant Barry is able to hold onto in his exciting but tumultuous life since arriving in Japan.

“At least ‘watashi’ will always be there for me when I’m struggling to complete a sentence,” says Barry.

“I take solace in the fact that I can say ‘watashi’, which gives me an extra moment to think about what I’m trying to say that I like.”

Barry says he can also rely on some well-timed English words spoken in a katakanized accent.

“When my students ask me what my favourite kanji is, I tell them 私.”

Barry will soon discover that he can use ‘ore’ instead of ‘watashi’ and his mind will further be blown once learning he doesn’t even have to use a subject at all depending on context.

Image: Flickr/Robinson


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