A local Tokyo resident has informed an outside country person that in Japan people sometimes use the expression ‘ohayo’ even when it is not between the hours of sunrise and midday.

“It’s a unique concept whereby a morning greeting is translated into a ‘first contact for the day greeting’, meaning you can use it at any time of the day!” explained Shinjiro Yukawa.

This pearl of wisdom wasn’t easily swallowed by 28-year-old gaijin Adam Howie.

“You are f***ing kidding me aren’t you!?” said Howie.

“I was taught in my textbook that ‘ohayo’ is a morning greeting – stop f***ing with me Shinjiro.”

Yukawa told Howie that he was not fooling around and that it was a concept well known within the borders of Japan and Guam.

Howie later realized he sometimes does the same thing in English.

Image: Pakutaso


  1. The O – HAI – O word has three parts, it is very difficult for external people to understand. Let’s to understanding of complex Japanese. Two O means the honor and a polite story. For example, O – Sushi means honorable sushi – it is the special Japanese famous a food in Japan, do you know O – sushi? The second letter is the average of early hours. Therefore, along with the beginning and end of a polite honor, it means a very polite early greeting. Congraturation.

  2. Yes that’s correct. Like O shit and O f***socks(The honourable f***socks)in English. It’s simple really


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