Subtitles visible in Japan

A weeaboo arrived in Japan today to see subtitles attached to the spoken word, pretty much as she expected.

Julie Thompson who disposed of her authentic self a few years ago arrived at Haneda Airport wearing multi-colored knee high stockings and cat ears.

“I’m shocked that these subtitles appearing out of thin air are on such a fast rotation – desu,” said Thompson.

Thompson spent about half an hour in Harajuku before she had to return to her hotel room to write blog posts for her 23 followers – mostly middle-aged men waiting for the prospect of a cosplay photo upload.

“Hopefully I will post a Youtube video of some cosplay outfits over the next week,” said Thompson.

After this post, her total number of followers increased by one.

Thompson will likely not post a video of her cosplay adventures but her follower count will remain at 24.


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