A foreign woman living in Japan for the past four-and-a-half years continues to remain invisible to any member of the opposite sex.

“I’m at my wits’ end,” says Sarah Kirton, as she enters discount store Don Quijote for the third time this month.

“I haven’t been on the end of a good nanparing for nearly half a decade – in fact, I’ve been nanpa-less since I landed at Narita Aiport.”

Both locals and gaijin alike avoid Kirton like the plague, but often for very different reasons.

“Gaijin here are only interested in the local women, and the local men haven’t got big enough balls to approach me,” says Kirton.

“The only thing that even came close to resembling nanpa that I’ve received since starting my English teaching position was surreptitiously carried out in a crowded train, and I didn’t even see the guys face.”

Image: Flickr/Sekgei


  1. Ummm….don’t know how you’ve been doing things. I’m living in the very outskirts of what counts as Tokyo before moving into yamanashi, working in the central areas. I wish I had a stick to fight off nanpa guys on a regular basis…

  2. Haha.. I can relate to that feeling. Still, surprisingly I somehow managed to get nampad after a few months and even ended up marrying a Japanese guy. Not many cases like that around though ?

  3. Yeah, even yesterday there was someone I was clearly leaving myself open for to be nampa-ed but I think it would have been better to try and approach myself. Maybe you can try that if there is someone who catches your eye. I’m not sure how some guys will react but you probably will never see them again if it doesn’t go well anyway, and maybe they don’t want to seem like a creep especially when they aren’t even sure if they can communicate with you or not, so might as well go for it and see if there is any common interest.

  4. Isn’t it more the case that you get nampa’d by people who aren’t particularly good potential mates? Japanese men hate being forced to vacuum and wash dishes.

  5. After meeting some japanese ladies in the past i will always prefer a western woman, no doubt about it. As you see not all of us have the yellow fever…of course if you prefer Japanese men, well, good luck.


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