A Caucasian male residing in Japan was ecstatic today after suffering what he believed to be a racially motivated attack.

“I was standing in the konbini queue first and the clerk decided to serve the other guy – that is blatant racism,” said 2-years-a-gaijin David Coleman.

“Now I can finally say I was the victim of racial vilification.”

Coleman was indeed waiting first, but failed to stand in the aisle that had the sticker with two feet on the floor indicating where one has to stand in order to be served first.

The 38-year-old man is now thrilled to be able to tell people he was the subject of what he thought was bigotry.

“I’m excited to be able to use the word racism when telling a story about myself,” says Coleman.

“The clerk didn’t even give me an ‘omataseshimashita’.”

Image: Pixabay