A white foreigner living in Osaka has perused the immigrant statistics to monitor how many other white gaijin are living in Japan.

The man was doing some research for his latest blog post on “the best ramen in Osaka” when he stumbled across the foreign residents statistics.

“I thought I better take a look to see just how unique I really am,” said Bill Jones.

“Fortunately, there’s only one white country in the top ten.”

Jones added up the total number of white country foreign residents in his head then deducted it by around 80 per cent to give him an estimated amount of white people living in Osaka.

“I’d say around 50 per cent of all white people in Japan go to Tokyo, and maybe 20 per cent go to Osaka.”

That gave Jones a number of around 18,000 people.

“But within those white countries I’d say only around half would be white, maybe less,” Jones thought, giving him a total of around 9,000 white people.

“Shit, that’s actually more than I thought, let’s just go with around 10 per cent live in Osaka.”

This gave Jones a total of 4,500 other white people residing in Osaka.

Image: Wikipedia