Witnesses Shocked By Man Carrying Dozens Of Schoolgirl Uniforms: “Why Not Use A Bag?”

A man, later identified as the comedian Kenichi Takahashi, from the comedy duo King of Comedy, was observed in Tokyo carrying dozens of schoolgirl uniforms.

Witnesses thought it was strange the man wasn’t using some kind of bag to carry such a heavy load.

Takahashi was observed walking with dozens of schoolgirl uniforms leaving a Tokyo high school, reportedly wearing black trousers, a black hoodie, and a white mask.

Many bystanders crossed paths with the uniform carrying man and thought it was slightly odd he didn’t think to use some sort of carrying apparatus.

“Some middle-aged man carrying schoolgirl uniforms makes perfect sense, but why carry so many without using a bag?” said one witness.

The scandal recently developed into a ‘shoganai’ incident after police announced the uniforms were in fact stolen.


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