Julie Patton sells MacBook Pro to raise funds to purchase pizza

A woman living in Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo has been forced to sell her MacBook Pro to raise the necessary funds to purchase a large pizza.

“I considered taking out a 10-year high interest loan but I wasn’t sure if I would be in Japan that long,” said Julie Patton.

Patton’s craving for pizza had been gradually intensifying after walking past a Domino’s pizza store everyday after work for more than a year.

“I just reached a point where I couldn’t take it anymore, the only pizza I could afford were pieces of bread ordained with tomato, mayonnaise, and corn,” said Patton.

“It was as if every time I took a bite another corn kernel was reminding me of what real pizza is not.”

Patton will now have to create her own English lesson plans and materials without access to free online worksheets from the comfort of her own home.


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