A woman barely surviving summer in Japan popped into a konbini this morning to purchase some free cool air.

Jessica Thomas began slowly walking around the store, giving off the impression she was actually going to purchase at least one product.

After spending more than five seconds in one aisle, konbini staff rightfully suspected the gaijin was probably going to steal something.

Thomas could sense staff eyes firmly locked onto her back, so had to make a move to the manga section to buy more time.

She was faced with a stark choice: to step back into the hellhole that is Japan’s summer or pretend to like manga porn.

“I went with the manga porn,” said Thomas.

Thomas perused through around 20 magazines, acting out slightly different facial expressions for each one she looked at.

“I had to make it look authentic,” she said.

Konbini staff assumed the foreigner fled the store with stolen goods, but there was no way they were going to initiate a confrontation.

Image: Flickr/tamaiyuya