N Korea says Missile Destroyed “Exact Spot of Water” They Were Aiming For

North Korean state news has reported that the second missile launched today successfully took out 10 square meters of the Sea of Japan. “Today, the...

Chinese Fisherman Snags a 23-Square Meter Senkaku Isle

A Chinese fisherman snagged a substantial piece of Senkaku isle yesterday as 230 Chinese vessels entered disputed waters in the East China Sea. Chinese-born fisherman...

N Korea “Successfully” Tests Nuclear Man Suit

North Korea has announced the “successful” test of a “fully functioning nuclear man suit capable of firing nuclear warheads”. The suit has been tailor made...

U.S. Blames Putin For Osprey Aircraft Crash

The U.S. says Vladimir Putin was responsible for the downing of an MV-22 Osprey military aircraft yesterday off the coast of Okinawa. Pentagon spokesman Captain...

NRA Holds Vigil For Orlando Shooting Victim

The National Rifle Association has held a vigil in Texas for the Sig Sauer MCX rifle that fell victim to a terrorist attacking a...

Pitchforks Hoisted As Clinton Appears In Cage At Trump Inauguration

Attendees at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration raised pitchforks and burning torches as Hillary Clinton was elevated above the crowds in a small cage. “I thought...

Clinton Coughs Up Wall Street Cash Fur Ball

Hillary Clinton experienced a coughing fit on stage during a Cleveland rally in Ohio on Monday spewing up a fairly sizeable furry wad of Wall...

Italian Composer Einaudi Plays Piano on Drone to Raise Awareness

Photo News: Italian Composer Einaudi Plays Piano on Drone to Raise Awareness

“Above The Law” Co. Pop-up Ad Appears on Hillary Clinton’s Hotmail Browser

PHOTO NEWS: Pop-up Ad Appears on Clinton’s Hotmail Browser from “Above The Law” Associates Co.