A new Yakuza group emerging from the disbanded Yamaguchi Gumi has issued a statement declaring its launch under the name YKG48 (the Yakuza Kobe-Yamaguchi Group 48).

The 48 members handpicked after several rounds of exhaustive auditions and interviews range from ages 13 to 19. YKG48 regulations stipulate that a member must graduate once they lose their youthful attractiveness.

The group has released its first code of conduct slogan, ‘Nusumitakatta’ (盗みたかった’) – meaning, ‘I wanted to steal it’.

YKG48 has commenced meet and greet events, however, safety concerns have arisen with one fan being mugged today with a saw.

Plans are already underway for the formation of more Yakuza sub-groups with suggestions of a younger group, NMB48 (the Nagoya Mafia Bunch 48), expected to be assigned to petty crimes, and an overseas based group, SNH48 (the Shanghai 48), forecasted to delve into global crime operations targeting the Asia Pacific region.

The group has also announced that any member found to be in a serious relationship will be obliged to shave off their armpits and forced into cultivating a man bun.


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