Comedic genius Sunshine Ikezaki has taken out first place at this year’s buzzword of the year awards with the catchphrase “YEAH!”.

Sunshine says his inspiration came from when he used to be a small child and he would see people including himself saying the phrase “yeah”.

“I don’t know how I managed to turn it into a hysterical one-liner, it was like a bulb of lightning flashed inside my head one night,” says Sunshine.

“I thought hey! What about ‘yeah!’?”

And from that moment Sunshine Ikezaki says he knew a star was born.

Sunshine has now been making television audiences laugh by saying “YEAH!” for nearly 10 months straight.

“Booya!!! Chiki, Chiki, Chiki!!! I’m hilarious because I’m naked with a silver plate covering my bollocks” came in a close second place.

Image: Twitter/ikezaki_YEAH


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