Citing an inability to comprehend the real value of one yen, local gaijin Hugh Martin remains fully committed to the practice of converting yen into dollars.

“I just take off two numbers and whamo you’ve got your dollar value,” says Martin.

“I have no idea about the worth of an actual yen.”

Martin explains if there are two numbers that would constitute cents, he rounds them up or down, or just ignores them completely.

“If, for example, the value of a product is 1,265 yen, I would usually round up the 65 and the product would be 13 dollars,” says Martin.

“This 830-yen Hello Kitty pen case is an absolute steal at 8 bucks.”

Martin is convinced no other foreigner would be smart enough to make these kinds of complex calculations without a calculator.

Image: Flickr/gregor_y


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