A Tokyo-based American YouTuber TkyoMe posted a video to his channel featuring himself affixing a GoPro to the side of a salaryman’s forehead on a Yamanote Line train this week.

The video, originally titled “Look at my awesome new video featuring me and a Tokyo train, and then me again”, was taken down due to privacy concerns.

“What’s all the fuss about? He didn’t complain when I stuck it to his head,” YouTuber TkyoMe said in a new video posted online.

The GoPro filmed at least two full round trips of the Yamanote Line from the top of the salaryman’s head while TkyoMe grabbed a few beers at the Hub.

TkyoMe concluded the short video by filming himself brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.

JR released a press statement today revealing the 38-year-old commuter had actually died from overwork and had been travelling around the Yamanote Line since September.

Image: Flickr/globallives


  1. Fake news. The japanese train system only runs until midnight and start again at 5 am and they clean the cars daily. There is no way in hell that someone will be unbothered on a train for months or even 1 night


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